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Henline is a retired Army Staff Sergeant, last serving with the 82nd Airborne Division. He spent 13 years in the Army, completing four tours. While on his fourth tour in Iraq, three weeks after his arrival, an IED exploded under his Humvee – April 7, 2007 is a day he will never forget. The four soldiers with him were killed. As Henline stumbled out of the wreck, a human torch, he was extinguished by the soldier he had replaced in the Humvee. With burns covering almost 40% of his body, fractured bones in his face, and his head burned to the skull, Henline was put into a medically induced coma for two weeks and was flown back to the states.  READ FULL STORY

Sneek Peek Into The Past

Joe Everson - Anthem Artist

Joe Everson is a bit of a renaissance man — artist, vocalist, musician, and photographer. Joe was enjoying a successful career as a professional artist when a video of him singing the National Anthem while painting a live-action artwork went viral and skyrocketed his career. The viral videos have over 200 million total views, and millions of ‘likes’, ‘shares’ and ‘comments’ across a variety of social media platforms.

Honor. Courage. Commitment.

The Braden Bailess Memorial Golf Tournament began in 2006 as a way to remember the life of Braden, son of Doug and Claudia Bailess, while raising funds for various charitable organizations. Braden was an avid golfer at Westfield High School, joining the U. S. Marine Corp after graduation. He served in the 2nd LAR BN, 2nd Marine Division.

Tragically, Braden lost his life in an automobile accident in July of 2002. Each year the tournament raises funds for various organizations which provide financial assistance as well as programs that help our American Heroes facilitate a successful transition back to civilian life.